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The Advantages of Battery Operated Paper Lanterns

When paper lanterns were just starting to rise in fame, traditional methods of lighting were used to add some drama to an otherwise plain ornament. The most popular light source used back then is the candle; in fact, it is still being used in some lanterns, i.e. sky lanterns and luminarias.

But with the advent of modern technology, attaching light fixtures to a traditional décor has also improved through time. Lanterns can now run on other power sources, like batteries.

Battery operated paper lanterns have a number of advantages over the traditional candles:

  1. Battery operated paper lanterns are safer than candles. In history, sky lanterns have gained notoriety among farming communities due to its hazardous nature. Falling lanterns are a huge risk factor for crops and farmlands. The same goes for other candlelit lanterns. But by using battery powered paper lanterns, that risk is reduced to a minimum. You will get to save on lanterns because they won’t be as damaged as candlelit lanterns, and as a bonus, you can even hang your lanterns indoors after an event because you wouldn’t have to worry about them getting caught in a fire.
  2. Battery operated paper lanterns are cost efficient. If you intend to use your paper lanterns for a long stretch of time, it might be better for you to use paper lanterns powered by batteries. The energy found in a set of batteries can last for longer periods, in contrast to candles which you can only use once. In the long run, you will get to save more money from buying batteries than from regularly buying candles.
  3. Battery Operated Paper LanternsBattery operated paper lanterns are perfect for setting up a romantic atmosphere. With their quaint charm, lanterns have become a favorite amongst those who like organizing intimate celebrations. With just the right combination of colors and designs, you will surely manage to achieve that dreamy, oriental feel that no one will ever forget.
  4. Battery operated paper lanterns are easy to set up. Due to its popularity, sellers have started coming up with do-it-yourself lanterns to make it more marketable. Nowadays, battery operated paper lanterns come in every shape and size possible. They are also very much affordable—as long as you get the right deal. Now, you can spruce up your homes and even your events without having to worry about the cost.
  5. Battery operated paper lanterns are easy to store. Lanterns nowadays are available in easily collapsible forms. If you do not have any immediate use for them and you want to tuck them away in the meantime, you can simply disassemble them and they are ready to go. They don’t take up that much space so you don’t have to worry about having any additional clutter in your home.

If you’re on the lookout for the perfect battery operated paper lanterns, you need not visit each and every store in person because many online stores are now here to cater to your decorating needs. All you need to do is scout for credible stores and compare and contrast their online catalogues. Consider the prices and the quality of their wares.

Once you have taken your pick, do not forget to inquire about the most important details, like what type of batteries would work on a specific model.

To save more money in the long run, settle for a high class rechargeable battery, as using up electricity would cost you less than buying batteries on a frequent basis. However, if you aren’t planning to use your lanterns regularly, just settle for disposable batteries instead.

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