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Some Tips on How to Make Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns can be immensely beautiful and delightful to the eyes and the good thing is How to Make Paper Lanterns is not that difficult. There are many kinds of paper lanterns that one can choose from.

There are the awesome flying paper lanterns that can make the night sky a hundred times more captivating, the floating paper lanterns that can make a body of water some place like a habitat of elves and fairies, and of course the normal paper lanterns hanging silently but nonetheless charmingly.

How to make paper lanterns is different with each type of paper lantern one may choose to make. What’s fun on how to make paper lanterns by yourself is that you can alter some of the usual steps on how to create paper lamps by putting in your own creative juices into making a unique and maybe more personal paper lanterns. But before you can do that, try to know or perhaps master first the basic steps on how to create paper lamps. The following is a helpful guide on how to make paper lanterns:

How to Make Paper Lanterns: Simple and Basic

The most basic type of paper lanterns is cylindrical. These lanterns look fancier if added with designs such as drawings, use of different colors and paper cut designs. How to make paper lanterns of this kind is very easy to do.

  1. Prepare a piece of paper. Make your own designs on the paper such as making some drawings, paintings or decorative cuts on it. It can be a flower, plants, etc. One typical design on it is done by folding the piece of paper lengthwise and cutting some lines along the folded edge so when you unfold the paper, there’ll be simple but cute designs on it.
  2. Roll the paper into a cylinder and glue/tape the edges together.
  3. How to Make Paper LanternsPrepare a ribbon or a yarn. Secure the ribbon/yarn on the top edge of the cylindrical paper. You can make tiny holes on the paper or glue/tape the ribbons. This is for hanging the lantern.
  4. Measure the cylindrical lantern’s diameter and use the measurement to prepare a circular cardboard with tabs to be attached to the paper lantern.
  5. Place a small battery operated light bulb on the base of the cardboard then turn it on. You now have your paper lantern.

How to Make Paper Lanterns: Floating Paper Lamps

Floating paper lanterns are common in the Japanese festivals. One example is the ‘toro nagashi’ ceremony where the Japanese floats their paper lanterns into the river with the belief that the light will guide the departed’s spirit to the world they belong to. How to make paper lanterns, the floating type, is very easy.

The steps are basically the same with the previous one. But there’ll be no ribbons and the base of the lantern should be a coaster that floats in the water instead of a cardboard. Also, instead of a battery-operated small tap light, a candle is placed on top of the floating coaster. The coaster is secured to the paper lantern with the use of a tape or glue. You now have a floating paper lantern.

How to Make Paper Lanterns: Sky Paper Lamps

How to make paper lanterns that can be flown up in the sky can be more difficult than making the simple types of paper lanterns. Instead of using regular papers, the use of tissues, paper towels, and other lightweight paper is preferred on how to make sky paper lamps. How to make paper lanterns of any type is a simple yet artistic activity. You can browse the internet for more tips on how to make paper lanterns of different types.

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