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How to Make a Chinese Paper Lantern

Chinese Lanterns are beautiful festive lights that brighten the sky. They are commonly used on festivals but can likewise be displayed anytime in any place. However, some lanterns can be quite expensive depending on the design and size.

If one is interested to create one, there are simpler ways to get that desired lantern. Below are instructions on How to Make a Chinese Lantern.

How to make a Chinese lantern

Creating a Chinese paper lantern requires: glitter glue (or any decorating material), glue, colored or white paper, pencil, ruler, scissors, stapler and clear tape. Before starting, draft the desired design of the lantern. This will make it easier to create the overall look of lantern.

Now, how to make a Chinese lantern? First lay down the paper and paste the glitter. Make sure to only occupy the middle part of the paper. Using the ruler, measure an inch from the long end of the paper and cut it off. Set the cut paper aside. It will be used as the handle of the paper lantern.

Fold the remaining paper lengthwise and cut strips crosswise. Do not cut the strips off and make sure it stays connected. Then, unfold the paper. Roll the paper into a cylinder shape and attach the short ends together using tape or stapler. Lastly, tape or stapler the lantern handle. And there, it’s done.

This is the simplest way to create a lantern. One can always experiment on how to make a Chinese lantern by using alternative materials. For instance, instead of using paper as handle, use a yarn or a string. One can also use sturdy paper, metal frames, bamboo and bulb light instead of a candle.

Modern Lights

How to Make a Chinese LanternFor centuries, the lantern has been part of the Chinese culture. Since the day it was used to send messages and ward off evil, the Chinese lantern has gotten a lot of innovations throughout the years.

Below are different types of Chinese lanterns

Beijing Style – This type of lantern is made from round steel frames, red silk and gold tassels. The lantern is also design with “ruyi”, a ceremonial scepter or talisman which is known to grant wishes.

Haining Style – This Chinese lantern is also known as pinprick lantern. Basically, it is made of pure bamboo and a paper with at least 10,000 pinpricks depending on the design. To make this, one will have to use the punctured paper technique. When lighted, the pinpricked or punctured panels of the lantern create different effects.

Riddle Lanterns – The name says it all. It is a lantern with a matching riddle on the side. The riddles are usually difficult since a Chinese character can have different meanings. People who attend the Chinese Lantern Festival must do their best to guess the answer. If they find right the answer, they are entitled to win a special gift.

Sky Lantern – This type of Chinese lantern is also called flying lantern. It is made up of flameproof paper that allows warm air inside it. This in turn helps the lantern to rise1000 meters up the sky. This type of lantern symbolizes good wishes for the coming New Year.

Suzhou Style – This lantern is rich in color and varies in shape. They can be shaped like an animal, building, flower or human figures. The paper used are carefully cut and carved.

Wenzhou Style – This is a special kind of Chinese lantern and is known as the Dragon Boat lantern. This is usually large and can be3 meters tall. It is made up of two layers of paper – white on the inside and a colorful one on the outside. The white paper has a drawn figure and once lighted, it illuminates the image.

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