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Paper lanterns connote festivities and celebrations. They are joyful sights which bring an air of good cheer. Their gaiety are often employed in parties, businesses, and even at home.

These paper lanterns come in various shapes, colors, and sizes and are a sure way to command people’s attention to any home, establishment, or event venue.

Traditional Japanese Hanging Paper Lanterns are hexagonal and are used during festivals. The Japanese also treat their lantern tradition exceptionally, which is proven by chochinmoji, a special writing style created exclusively for writing on lanterns. In China, there are a few types of lanterns with which the Chinese people have showcased their artistry.

There are those which are shaped like dragons and other figures, lanterns with riddles printed on their sides, and lanterns with pinpricked sides for intricately artistic effect. But perhaps the most well-liked type of all Chinese lanterns is the Beijing style lantern. These hanging paper lanterns are created with steel frames, red covering, and gold tassels. These have become popular because people, especially the Chinese, believed these lanterns grant wishes.

Now, paper lanterns are used in a variety of ways. The availability of lanterns have been exploited by homemakers, decorators and event planners alike to boost the aesthetic value of their homes, businesses or venues.

Hanging Paper LanternsPaper lanterns hanging in the front of an establishment to attract customers is one of the oldest practical uses of lanterns. Now, you cannot only display lanterns outside your business, but you can decorate the interior with them as well. Many businesses, especially restaurants, cafes and other food-related business buildings have incorporated the use of paper lanterns to liven up their place. Homemakers also opt to use paper lanterns for their homes and gardens.  Hanging paper lanterns over your garden can light it up, giving it a solemn or festive air – depending on the colors that are used. Paper lanterns are also a popular choice among those who want to have something new for their events, be it a wedding, a birthday, or a school reunion.

You can look for hanging paper lanterns online or you can visit the nearest crafts shop. They are usually sold by piece and by string (a group of lanterns hung from a cord, looking much like Christmas lights). They are lit in different ways so be sure to pick one that suits your purpose. There are those with bulbs that are lit through an electrical light kit, double and multi socket light kit, and there are those which are powered by batteries. There is a very wide variety of colors to choose from, so you will be sure to find the one you fancy. Some stores would even personalize lanterns by printing an image of your choice on the paper. These lanterns come in all sizes as well, so you can pick properly and won’t end up with lanterns too big or too small for your project.

But if you are on the artsy side and want to make your own paper lanterns, you can search the internet for instructions. There are a number of craft-it-yourself websites which provide information on how to make lanterns from simple cutout ones to more complex ones which need wires and electrical cords. You can make the traditional round paper lanterns or experiment with other shapes by using molds. The directions usually need paper (simple lanterns need any sturdy craft paper, while rice paper is needed if you want to stick to the traditional lantern look), glue, and others materials. However, making paper lanterns can be complicated especially the part of connecting it to a source of electricity.

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