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Handmade Paper Lamps

Paper Lamps are quite common. They provide a soft ambiance for the home and the office. Not only that, it can also be used on exhibits, parties, weddings and other numerous occasions. Paper lamps can also be placed outdoors to add a romantic mood on a specific theme.

Moreover, paper lamps have been around for centuries with paper as its main material. In fact, traditional Chinese lamps are simply made out of rice paper with a lighted candle.

But as years pass by, creating paper lamps has required more creativity and imagination. At present, designers use sturdy paper made of polyester and cellulose while some still use fabric paper or the traditional rice paper. Others explore the techniques they use in creating the layout such as cutting, folding or puncturing the material.

How to make a paper lamp

Since paper has been proven and is perfect for making lamps and lanterns, a non-designer can easily experiment with different designs and techniques to transform it into perfect paper lamps. To create paper lamps, one will need to choose a type of paper and draft a design to make the designing process easier. In addition, also prepare the following materials: clips, designing materials, glue, ribbon, scissors, wire ring and light bulb.

To start with, cut the sides of the paper enough for it to make a cylinder. Next is to decorate it using markers, paint, stencils or puncturing tools to layout the design. Make sure to only decorate the middle part leaving out two inches of the top and the bottom part of the paper for the wire rings.

paper lampsUsing the clips, attach and secure the paper into the wire ring forming a cylinder shape. Do some adjustments and mark out where the ribbon will be placed. Then, remove paper from the wire ring and glue the paper forming a cylinder shape. Leave it to dry.

Next, put some glue on the interior edge of the cylinder and place the wire ring on top. Secure it using clips and leave it to dry. After that, flip it over, do the same thing on the bottom part and place the second wire ring.

When it’s all dried up, glue the ribbon on the top and bottom part of the lamp. Make sure to cover both interior and exterior edge of the paper. Lastly, place a light bulb inside the cylinder and light the lamp.

This is only a simple way to create a lamp from paper. One can always experiment on the color, design and shape of the lamp.

Paper Lamps Precautions

Lamps from paper are hazardous, so be careful when using one. To reduce the risk of fire, the following can be done:

Use a suitable light bulb. Choose the ones that have less heat like CFC bulbs. Do not use halogens because they have a high heat level that can cause fire. In addition, the bulb wattage should be 60-100 watts.
Secure paper lamps. Turn them off when no one is around. Place it where it will not be knocked over. Avoid placing it on a crowded area. Always check if the electrical cord is tucked properly.
Check the bulb placement. Make sure that the bulb is not close to the paper. Remember to allot at least a three-inch space between the paper and the bulb when creating paper lamps.
Keep them away from children. This may sound cliché, but there is a possibility that children will be playing near them and accidentally knock them over. Thus, causing fire. So place the paper lamps away from the reach of children.

Paper lamps bring soft lights and a relaxing ambiance to a home or occasion. Wherever the setting may be, always check it regularly so that the paper lamps will continuously bring a positive ambiance.

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