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Flying Paper Lanterns Ideas for Different Occasions

In every important occasion in people’s lives, there’s always this desire to make every second of it not just fun and joyful but also memorable and enchanting. This is when all the nice preparations and heartfelt planning comes after.

And what makes most occasions magical and delightful is the presence of lights. Flying Paper Lanterns are one of the latest trends in event planning and decorations. The following are the different occasions when flying paper lanterns are usually displayed and seen.

Sky Paper Lamps on Festivals and other Cultural Celebrations

Most Japanese and Chinese festivals, if not all, are decorated with paper lanterns. One of the reasons is because the use of decorative paper lanterns originated from these Asian countries, specifically in China. Another is that using these lanterns are already a part of their tradition. When people see paper lanterns, they would think of something Asian.

Flying paper lanterns are a genius variation of the customary paper lamps. And they are usually seen in the night sky when cultural celebrations are being held. There are even festivals held that are specifically for flying paper lanterns. Such festivals are present in many countries around the world. One good example is the Loi Krathong Festival in Thailand when everyone in the country joins in the occasion by lighting their paper lanterns and letting them up in the air or by letting them float into the river.

Flying Paper Lamps on Wedding Celebrations

flying paper lanternsWhen two people in love celebrate the day when they become husband and wife, there’s nothing more magical than a wonderful display of lights. Flying paper lanterns would be a perfect scene in the night sky as the two rejoice their love for each other. The couple won’t be the only ones who will surely enjoy the scene but also their friends and family.

If the newlyweds hold their wedding reception with the open sky at dinner, the flying paper lanterns can be nicely viewed in many moments during their celebration. One is when the couple’s loved ones finished their toast. Another good moment to choose when to light the flying paper lanterns is when the newlyweds leave the reception area for their honeymoon. As they try to say goodbye to their friends and families, they would light two flying paper lanterns and let them go into the sky to be followed by other lanterns lighted by people around the area. The magical moment will leave all the visitors in an enthralled state as they say goodbye to the couple.

Sky Paper Lamps on Graduation Celebrations

Flying paper lanterns are best displayed when a large group of people are all celebrating. That makes the view of the flying paper lanterns in the sky more enchanting because all of them feel the spirit of the celebration. One of these events is when the students graduate. It can be after a baccalaureate mass, in the middle of a graduation ball, or any special celebratory event attended by a university’s or a school’s graduates.

In such event, the flying paper lanterns can symbolize the dreams and the future of the students. It can mean how great they are that they finished all the hard work during their academic years. It can also mean that like the lanterns they scattered in the night sky, they should also let themselves fly up high, reach their goals in life, shine wonderfully, and let others see how magnificent they can be. Indeed, the flying lanterns are not only delightful display of lights in the nighttime. The beauty of the flying paper lanterns not only brings an awesome sight to the people who admire it but also immense happiness.

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