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Bridal Ideas: Paper Lanterns For Weddings

Paper lanterns have been used in Japan and China since the ancient times to signify celebrations such as festivals and New Year. In our modern times, a lot of uses have been discovered for the aesthetic value of the paper lanterns.

They are used to enliven businesses, homes and gardens, and event venues. That is why paper lanterns are being used for weddings, birthdays, and other occasions.

Paper Lanterns For Weddings

Paper lanterns for weddings are becoming more and more popular along with the rising popularity of DIY weddings. A lot of young people decide to break away from the conventional practices and give their weddings a personality to match the bride and the groom.

They can easily fit in to any mood and even transform the ambience – lanterns can make traditional weddings look more fun and relaxed and it can also make casual weddings look more sophisticated and solemn.

Paper lanterns are perfect because they are budget friendly, easy to assemble, and come in various sizes and colors. They are also perfect for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies, leaving your guests in awe of their elegance. They can be hung from ceilings if you are having an indoor wedding, whereas they can be dangling on trees, serving as luminaries for outdoor ceremonies.

Paper Lanterns For WeddingsBrides can easily choose the perfect wedding paper lantern of their choice. Lanterns come in all colors, so no matter what your color motif is, there is surely a paper lantern for your big day. Lanterns come in plain, solid colors and printed with intricate patterns. There are shops which customize paper lanterns for weddings and print the paper with any image you want.

But if you cannot decide on the ideal color or print, keep in mind that solid, plain white will never let you down – it is a wedding, after all. You can also select among the sizes – do you want a single giant lantern in the middle of the ceiling, a string of smaller ones running along the walls, or sprinkle the whole venue with lanterns of different sizes? One quick advice to dazzle your guests is to hang different sizes of paper lanterns at varied height to create dimension and depth to your venue.

The number of paper lanterns depends on how big the venue is, so it is important to find out the size of the venue before purchasing. Most lantern shops recommend one lantern per 28 square feetfor you to achieve good ceiling coverage.

Paper lanterns for weddings already give the place a magical feel even when they are not lit (particularly during daytime), but they give an even more enchanted glow when they are filled with light, especially during the evening.

So if you are thinking of using paper lanterns during the night, be cautious about whether or not the lighting set comes with the lanterns, or if you need to buy them separately.

There are a few ways to light up your lanterns. Paper lantern cord kits are especially designed for paper lanterns, produce very bright light, but are somewhat expensive. Christmas lights can also be used.

Christmas lights can provide a large coverage (because you can plug in some sets end to end), but this will be hard to work with in locations with no electrical outlets. Battery-operated lanterns are another option. They are easy to set up and adjust at different heights.

However, battery life can be short and you might end up with lightless lanterns in the middle of your reception. LED-lighted paper lanterns for weddings, on the other hand offer long-lasting lights, but can take more work than the rest of the options.

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