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Cheap Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns have always served cultural and aesthetic purposes throughout history. They have started out as cheap paper lanterns but now, they come in all shapes, sizes, and materials possible.

They now range from simple paper bags to complex bamboo frames covered in more resilient paper. Usually, these cheap paper lanterns also have light fixtures attached inside—with the light sources often in the form of candles and light bulbs.

Paper lanterns are often associated with East Asian traditions, particularly that of China and Japan. Cheap paper lanterns are often hung outside of business establishments as they are believed to attract more customers.

Another variant of these cheap paper lanterns are the sky lanterns. These airborne lanterns are made of lightweight paper and are lighted on the inside. They are released into the night to enhance the festivities’ aesthetic appeal.

In the Western culture, small paper bags with candles or tea lights inside called luminarias line up the streets of most Hispanic communities in celebration of Christmas. It is believed that the light emanating from these lanterns will guide the spirit of Christ the child into their homes.

Recently, these cheap paper lanterns are now set up mainly for aesthetic purposes, much like Christmas lights, and are now gaining popularity in the United States.

In more recent times, inexpensive paper lanterns are now being marketed as embellishments in more intimate celebrations like weddings and birthday parties. They might be simple but when they are put together, they can set up the mood of the celebration.

But still, before you go on buying paper lanterns, you should keep these few notes in mind:

1. Consider the space where you are going to put your lanterns. First and foremost, determine the dimension of your site. If you are using a wide space, it might be pretty pointless for you to buy just ten lanterns: they won’t even add up for impact.

On the other hand, if you are going to have your celebration in a small room, it might not be practical for you to buy a hundred lanterns or so. Also, consider the height of the place.

2. Mix and match the sizes and colors of the lanterns to create an illusion of depth and dimension. To give your event some striking appeal, buy different sized lanterns of the same pattern and hang them at different heights.

Another option that you have is buy cheap paper lanterns of complementary colors to add some kind of flair. However, if you can’t decide on a color, going with white paper lanterns is probably the safest option that you have. After all, it makes a room look cleaner and more elegant.

3. Consider your budget. Maybe those set of lanterns are the best fit for your wedding’s theme, but if you really can’t afford it then don’t push it. But if you insist, you can opt to do either one of these alternative options: compromise your budget for some of the other elements in your event to make way for your lanterns or settle for low cost paper lanterns. If you are to get your creative juices flowing, you’ll be able to adorn your lanterns all by yourself without the unnecessary expenditures.

4. Ask first if the light fixtures come with the lantern set. If you need to light up your lanterns, ask the seller first if they are selling the fixtures together with the lantern kit. More often than not, light fixtures are sold separately and they come at a really costly price. But if you know how to set up and improvise, you can buy the light fixtures at a separate store and set them up along with your cheap paper lanterns all by yourself.

The Advantages of Battery Operated Paper Lanterns

When paper lanterns were just starting to rise in fame, traditional methods of lighting were used to add some drama to an otherwise plain ornament. The most popular light source used back then is the candle; in fact, it is still being used in some lanterns, i.e. sky lanterns and luminarias.

But with the advent of modern technology, attaching light fixtures to a traditional décor has also improved through time. Lanterns can now run on other power sources, like batteries.

Battery operated paper lanterns have a number of advantages over the traditional candles:

  1. Battery operated paper lanterns are safer than candles. In history, sky lanterns have gained notoriety among farming communities due to its hazardous nature. Falling lanterns are a huge risk factor for crops and farmlands. The same goes for other candlelit lanterns. But by using battery powered paper lanterns, that risk is reduced to a minimum. You will get to save on lanterns because they won’t be as damaged as candlelit lanterns, and as a bonus, you can even hang your lanterns indoors after an event because you wouldn’t have to worry about them getting caught in a fire.
  2. Battery operated paper lanterns are cost efficient. If you intend to use your paper lanterns for a long stretch of time, it might be better for you to use paper lanterns powered by batteries. The energy found in a set of batteries can last for longer periods, in contrast to candles which you can only use once. In the long run, you will get to save more money from buying batteries than from regularly buying candles.
  3. Battery Operated Paper LanternsBattery operated paper lanterns are perfect for setting up a romantic atmosphere. With their quaint charm, lanterns have become a favorite amongst those who like organizing intimate celebrations. With just the right combination of colors and designs, you will surely manage to achieve that dreamy, oriental feel that no one will ever forget.
  4. Battery operated paper lanterns are easy to set up. Due to its popularity, sellers have started coming up with do-it-yourself lanterns to make it more marketable. Nowadays, battery operated paper lanterns come in every shape and size possible. They are also very much affordable—as long as you get the right deal. Now, you can spruce up your homes and even your events without having to worry about the cost.
  5. Battery operated paper lanterns are easy to store. Lanterns nowadays are available in easily collapsible forms. If you do not have any immediate use for them and you want to tuck them away in the meantime, you can simply disassemble them and they are ready to go. They don’t take up that much space so you don’t have to worry about having any additional clutter in your home.

If you’re on the lookout for the perfect battery operated paper lanterns, you need not visit each and every store in person because many online stores are now here to cater to your decorating needs. All you need to do is scout for credible stores and compare and contrast their online catalogues. Consider the prices and the quality of their wares.

Once you have taken your pick, do not forget to inquire about the most important details, like what type of batteries would work on a specific model.

To save more money in the long run, settle for a high class rechargeable battery, as using up electricity would cost you less than buying batteries on a frequent basis. However, if you aren’t planning to use your lanterns regularly, just settle for disposable batteries instead.

Special Paper Fans For All Occassions

History of the Paper Fans

Hand fans have been around for centuries. The first ones made from wood and feathers were invented in Chinaaround 2nd BC, but fans from paper were invented in Japan approximately between the 5th and 7th BC.

There are two kinds of fans. First are the simple fans which cannot be folded and are used by people commonly to fan themselves during hot weather. They are also known as paddle or flat fans.

On the other hand, the folding hand fans had been used in ancient times for social and court activities and even as soldiers’ weapons during battles. High-quality fans were even presented to royalties and high officials as gifts. Some of these traditions have survived to the modern day, such as the fan dances from Japan and Korea.

Now, paper fans are one of the newest eye candies of party planners who want to try something new and interesting for their events. Folding hand fans, as well as paddle or simple fans are fast becoming the new trend and a perfect idea for events held outdoors or during spring or summer.

If your idea of a perfect wedding is one by the beach, paper fans can suit your theme well. It is also a perfect wedding favor for weddings held during spring or summer when the weather is always hot. The guests will surely appreciate the purpose of the fans cooling them on a hot day.

Another great idea is for the fans to be printed with the wedding details and send them out as invitations. They can also be used as place card holder. White wedding fans are ideal, but you choose from a wide range of colors if you decide to employ other hues.

paper fansGiving out folding hand fans as party invitations or souvenirs is not limited to weddings. They can also be used during summer parties by the pool or the beach. Since they can come in any colors, they are easily customizable to fit any event.

Have your paper fans painted or printed with hibiscus patterns and they are ready to fit with the leis for you luau party. Folding hand fans with cherry blossoms pictures or Chinese calligraphy are perfect for Oriental-inspired parties. It can as well be used in birthday parties, get-togethers and other social events. The trick is to place them strategically all over the venue to accentuate the place.

Paper fans are available in a lot of stores (even online!) and come in all colors and sizes. You can look for ones which can be customized for a more intimate effect – this is perfect for intimate occasions such as weddings and other close-family events. There are those which also provide personalized packets for the hand fans so they can be ready to be sent out once you receive them.

But if you really want to add a personal touch by making them yourself, these fans are easy to make as well. There are a number of websites offering step-by-step fan-making instructions. Some of the directions are simplified enough so that even children can understand them, and it is up to you to make necessary changes so that the finished product would look as beautiful as you meant it to be.

Most of the instructions call for craft sticks, paper, string, beads, scissors, crafting glue, and glue sticks. The paper to be used depends on whether you want to use pre-printed paper (such as wrapping paper) or print new designs on blank ones (construction paper is highly recommended because it is sturdy). They are easy to create, but can take time if you want to make them in volumes.

Bridal Ideas: Paper Lanterns For Weddings

Paper lanterns have been used in Japan and China since the ancient times to signify celebrations such as festivals and New Year. In our modern times, a lot of uses have been discovered for the aesthetic value of the paper lanterns.

They are used to enliven businesses, homes and gardens, and event venues. That is why paper lanterns are being used for weddings, birthdays, and other occasions.

Paper Lanterns For Weddings

Paper lanterns for weddings are becoming more and more popular along with the rising popularity of DIY weddings. A lot of young people decide to break away from the conventional practices and give their weddings a personality to match the bride and the groom.

They can easily fit in to any mood and even transform the ambience – lanterns can make traditional weddings look more fun and relaxed and it can also make casual weddings look more sophisticated and solemn.

Paper lanterns are perfect because they are budget friendly, easy to assemble, and come in various sizes and colors. They are also perfect for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies, leaving your guests in awe of their elegance. They can be hung from ceilings if you are having an indoor wedding, whereas they can be dangling on trees, serving as luminaries for outdoor ceremonies.

Paper Lanterns For WeddingsBrides can easily choose the perfect wedding paper lantern of their choice. Lanterns come in all colors, so no matter what your color motif is, there is surely a paper lantern for your big day. Lanterns come in plain, solid colors and printed with intricate patterns. There are shops which customize paper lanterns for weddings and print the paper with any image you want.

But if you cannot decide on the ideal color or print, keep in mind that solid, plain white will never let you down – it is a wedding, after all. You can also select among the sizes – do you want a single giant lantern in the middle of the ceiling, a string of smaller ones running along the walls, or sprinkle the whole venue with lanterns of different sizes? One quick advice to dazzle your guests is to hang different sizes of paper lanterns at varied height to create dimension and depth to your venue.

The number of paper lanterns depends on how big the venue is, so it is important to find out the size of the venue before purchasing. Most lantern shops recommend one lantern per 28 square feetfor you to achieve good ceiling coverage.

Paper lanterns for weddings already give the place a magical feel even when they are not lit (particularly during daytime), but they give an even more enchanted glow when they are filled with light, especially during the evening.

So if you are thinking of using paper lanterns during the night, be cautious about whether or not the lighting set comes with the lanterns, or if you need to buy them separately.

There are a few ways to light up your lanterns. Paper lantern cord kits are especially designed for paper lanterns, produce very bright light, but are somewhat expensive. Christmas lights can also be used.

Christmas lights can provide a large coverage (because you can plug in some sets end to end), but this will be hard to work with in locations with no electrical outlets. Battery-operated lanterns are another option. They are easy to set up and adjust at different heights.

However, battery life can be short and you might end up with lightless lanterns in the middle of your reception. LED-lighted paper lanterns for weddings, on the other hand offer long-lasting lights, but can take more work than the rest of the options.

Hanging Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns connote festivities and celebrations. They are joyful sights which bring an air of good cheer. Their gaiety are often employed in parties, businesses, and even at home.

These paper lanterns come in various shapes, colors, and sizes and are a sure way to command people’s attention to any home, establishment, or event venue.

Traditional Japanese hanging paper lanterns are hexagonal and are used during festivals. The Japanese also treat their lantern tradition exceptionally, which is proven by chochinmoji, a special writing style created exclusively for writing on lanterns. In China, there are a few types of lanterns with which the Chinese people have showcased their artistry.

There are those which are shaped like dragons and other figures, lanterns with riddles printed on their sides, and lanterns with pinpricked sides for intricately artistic effect. But perhaps the most well-liked type of all Chinese lanterns is the Beijing style lantern. These hanging paper lanterns are created with steel frames, red covering, and gold tassels. These have become popular because people, especially the Chinese, believed these lanterns grant wishes.

Now, paper lanterns are used in a variety of ways. The availability of lanterns have been exploited by homemakers, decorators and event planners alike to boost the aesthetic value of their homes, businesses or venues.

Hanging Paper LanternsPaper lanterns hanging in the front of an establishment to attract customers is one of the oldest practical uses of lanterns. Now, you cannot only display lanterns outside your business, but you can decorate the interior with them as well. Many businesses, especially restaurants, cafes and other food-related business buildings have incorporated the use of paper lanterns to liven up their place. Homemakers also opt to use paper lanterns for their homes and gardens.  Hanging paper lanterns over your garden can light it up, giving it a solemn or festive air – depending on the colors that are used. Paper lanterns are also a popular choice among those who want to have something new for their events, be it a wedding, a birthday, or a school reunion.

You can look for hanging paper lanterns online or you can visit the nearest crafts shop. They are usually sold by piece and by string (a group of lanterns hung from a cord, looking much like Christmas lights). They are lit in different ways so be sure to pick one that suits your purpose. There are those with bulbs that are lit through an electrical light kit, double and multi socket light kit, and there are those which are powered by batteries. There is a very wide variety of colors to choose from, so you will be sure to find the one you fancy. Some stores would even personalize lanterns by printing an image of your choice on the paper. These lanterns come in all sizes as well, so you can pick properly and won’t end up with lanterns too big or too small for your project.

But if you are on the artsy side and want to make your own paper lanterns, you can search the internet for instructions. There are a number of craft-it-yourself websites which provide information on how to make lanterns from simple cutout ones to more complex ones which need wires and electrical cords. You can make the traditional round paper lanterns or experiment with other shapes by using molds. The directions usually need paper (simple lanterns need any sturdy craft paper, while rice paper is needed if you want to stick to the traditional lantern look), glue, and others materials. However, making paper lanterns can be complicated especially the part of connecting it to a source of electricity.

Flying Paper Lanterns Ideas for Different Occasions

In every important occasion in people’s lives, there’s always this desire to make every second of it not just fun and joyful but also memorable and enchanting. This is when all the nice preparations and heartfelt planning comes after.

And what makes most occasions magical and delightful is the presence of lights. Flying paper lanterns are one of the latest trends in event planning and decorations. The following are the different occasions when flying paper lanterns are usually displayed and seen.

Sky Paper Lamps on Festivals and other Cultural Celebrations

Most Japanese and Chinese festivals, if not all, are decorated with paper lanterns. One of the reasons is because the use of decorative paper lanterns originated from these Asian countries, specifically in China. Another is that using these lanterns are already a part of their tradition. When people see paper lanterns, they would think of something Asian.

Flying paper lanterns are a genius variation of the customary paper lamps. And they are usually seen in the night sky when cultural celebrations are being held. There are even festivals held that are specifically for flying paper lanterns. Such festivals are present in many countries around the world. One good example is the Loi Krathong Festival in Thailand when everyone in the country joins in the occasion by lighting their paper lanterns and letting them up in the air or by letting them float into the river.

Flying Paper Lamps on Wedding Celebrations

flying paper lanternsWhen two people in love celebrate the day when they become husband and wife, there’s nothing more magical than a wonderful display of lights. Flying paper lanterns would be a perfect scene in the night sky as the two rejoice their love for each other. The couple won’t be the only ones who will surely enjoy the scene but also their friends and family.

If the newlyweds hold their wedding reception with the open sky at dinner, the flying paper lanterns can be nicely viewed in many moments during their celebration. One is when the couple’s loved ones finished their toast. Another good moment to choose when to light the flying paper lanterns is when the newlyweds leave the reception area for their honeymoon. As they try to say goodbye to their friends and families, they would light two flying paper lanterns and let them go into the sky to be followed by other lanterns lighted by people around the area. The magical moment will leave all the visitors in an enthralled state as they say goodbye to the couple.

Sky Paper Lamps on Graduation Celebrations

Flying paper lanterns are best displayed when a large group of people are all celebrating. That makes the view of the flying paper lanterns in the sky more enchanting because all of them feel the spirit of the celebration. One of these events is when the students graduate. It can be after a baccalaureate mass, in the middle of a graduation ball, or any special celebratory event attended by a university’s or a school’s graduates.

In such event, the flying paper lanterns can symbolize the dreams and the future of the students. It can mean how great they are that they finished all the hard work during their academic years. It can also mean that like the lanterns they scattered in the night sky, they should also let themselves fly up high, reach their goals in life, shine wonderfully, and let others see how magnificent they can be. Indeed, the flying lanterns are not only delightful display of lights in the nighttime. The beauty of the flying paper lanterns not only brings an awesome sight to the people who admire it but also immense happiness.