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Paper Lanterns: 5 Amazing Facts, 10 Premium Selections, 4 Useful Advice & 1 Cheap Idea

There is nothing more vibrant and lovely than some bright Chinese paper lantern, especially during night time. Paper Lanterns or hanging paper lamps are the specialty on which the Asian have worked truly hard. This is really amazing how many options and varieties were brought due to Japanese and Chinese craft ideas. Indeed, the entire paper lantern collection on the market is made of the highest quality materials, has a wide price range and offers only premium selections. One may shop for paper lanterns by size, color, shape, design or event. Now, there are over thousands of paper lanterns to choose from, for example priced $1.50 to $850, so it’s not a problem where to find these. You also may make paper lanterns yourself. We simply love lanterns, and you? Anyway, we wish to share this specific passion with everyone.

5 Amazing Facts about Paper Lanterns

1. Chinese lanterns have a 2000-year history.
2. Traditionally, decorative paper lanterns were used for the Chinese New year. These days, they are used for almost every occasion, from parties to weddings.
3. However, the colorful lanterns were also created for military aid purposes. That was a popular military strategist Zhuge Liang who made the first flying lantern in China, patterned after his hat.
4. At past weddings, white paper lanterns contained wishes for children and expressions of respect.
5. Also, they used to represent the spring coming, symbolizing the relation of nature, people and higher beings.

10 ‘Wow’ Types & Shapes of Paper Lanterns

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1. Round Paper Lanterns

These sphere lanterns with hollow centers are probably the best selling classic ones. They are extremely popular in the homes and gardens for their festive and exotic look.

2. Wedding Paper Lanterns

According to their name, these lanterns typically appear at marriage celebration. They usually come round and white, symbolizing the entire solemn occasion and adding some romantic mood.

3. Square Paper Lanterns

This traditional shape can often be seen during the Japanese Obon festival. Due to stable structure, they are ideal decorations for any garden or room.

Paper Lanterns4. Cylindrical Paper Lanterns

One can often find them in both Chinese and Japanese temples, or as shop advertisements. In old times, such cylinder lanterns decorated the Japanese brothels.

5. Rectangular Paper Lanterns

These ones also point the customers to the certain shop business direction. A lot of smaller versions decorate most Asian themed restaurants.

6. Star Lanterns

Haven’t you noticed those star shaped lanterns during Christmas festive occasions? Indeed, they provide an incredible atmosphere.

7. Zigzag Paper Lanterns

Those lanterns combine traditional appeal, playful designs, unusual shapes and modern aesthetics. No doubt, a cheery atmosphere and a sense of fun will surely take place.

8. Wave Paper Lantern

Speaking of the wave shape lanterns, a sense of calm and restful mood always appear with their meditation lighting.

9. Mushroom Shaped Lanterns

These have got the most unique shapes and become a good conversation starter.

10. Candle, Battery operated, Silk and Nylon Lanterns

Modern candle metal lanterns prevent burning accidents. The battery ones are highly portable. Silk and nylon lanterns are less fragile and extremely beautiful.

4 Professional Advice

How to Choose a Perfect Paper Lantern

Before looking for paper lanterns, first think of your area and its space – whether it is a small tent or a huge ballroom.
If you hesitate about colors to match, just choose classic white.
To create striking depth, appearance and dimension, stop at varied heights and several different sizes.
When purchasing, pay attention to the lantern’s lighting set: the one sold separately is always pricey.

1 Main Cheap Idea for Your Lovely Illumination

As a matter of fact, cheap paper lanterns are considered a major wedding decoration. But do not think this is only because of budget friendly prices. The point is in their gorgeous impact and lovely illumination. These are cheap paper lanterns that come in all rainbow colors, numerous designs, different shapes, various sizes and pleasant costs. Actually, they may be used either to start or to finish your decor. By the way, a growing number of worldwide receptions are decorated with cheap ones. And the reason for this is their completed look and set mood, even being unlit. Believe that inexpensive paper lanterns can be even more elegantly traditional, relaxed casual or celebratory chic.

In a word, choose and enjoy all that unbelievable beauty.

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